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The Burger Bar

181 High Street · Christchurch

We’ve just launched our first Burger Bar at 181 High Street, Christchurch. Why not come down and share some great food and a laugh or two.

Burger Bar
Burger Bar
Burger Bar

The Stall

Farmers Market · Christchurch

This is where it all started. You can find us at our stall selling bacon to some of our favourite people most weekends at the Christchurch Farmers Market.

Burger Stall
Burger Stall
Burger Stall


Bacon Brothers · Auckland

We like to take part in all kind of events so you might see one of the Bacon Brother’s Stalls in a city near you. We’ve recently been in Auckland supplying the freshest bacon butties. If you have an event you’d like us to cater for, please get in touch!

Burger Stall
Burger Stall
Burger Stall

The Family

Banter Engineer

Bacon Guru

Sexy Accountant

Chief Ginger

Shredded Ellis

Surfy Emma

Vegan Pixie

Lil Jim
Bacon Protege